“Why are you called Smart Device?” is a question we get a lot. Well, first off we are not called Smart Device, we are Smart R Device. It seems that the last “r” in Smartr is more often than not overlooked…bringing us to the realization that our brand name ain’t as smart as it looks…it’s Smartr. 

So why did we call our skateboard company Smartr Device? The answer to this question stems from the cultural flow towards a digitally seduced society. We connect with the world via machinery labeled smart devices, yet these devices can have the opposite affect on our brains and physical well being. Our smart devices dumb us down and make us soft. 

We’ve deemed a Smartr Device to be anything that frees us from self inflicted screen death. Thus skateboards are the Smartr Device for the following reasons…

  • 1.  Skateboards get you off your ass. Let’s face it you could use a little more exercise and a little less textercise.

  • 2.  Skateboards make friends and break barriers. Language, race, age and gender are nothing in the skateboard world…If you skate, we relate. It’s the total opposite of online troll mentality.

  • 3.  Skateboarding offers both external and internal exploration. Skateboarding will have you searching and traveling to skate spots. Progressing on a skateboard will have you battling your very being, all the while building character and improving self awareness. 

These my friend are key ingredients to a well rounded life and this why the skateboard is a Smartr Device. 

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