Caleb Nicholls

Name & Hometown:  Caleb Nicholls from Calgary, AB.

Instagram:  @ninja_ginga_

Local Park:  My local park is New Brighton and Southwood in Calgary.

Stance:  Goofy.

When and where did you first begin skateboarding?  I started skating around 2007-2008 at the old McKenzie Town skatepark.

What inspired you to start skateboarding?  My sister got a board and I saw her riding it a lot, so I tried it and had so much fun on it.

What makes skateboarding special to you?  Skateboarding is special to me because it is the most freedom I could ask for, and it’s kind of like a brotherhood where we all just share this wooden toy.

Favourite trick:  My favourite trick is an eggplant or invert.

Things that interest you outside of skateboarding:  I like reading magazines and swimming.

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