The Smartr Device Stinger #smartrstinger is now available online and in-store at SoCal Skateshop in Mission Viejo, CA.

The Smartr Device Stinger comes with custom wheel-wells and dimensions:

Width:  9.5″

Length:  32.18″

Wheelbase:  15.75″

The Smartr Device Stinger came to fruition from the creative mind of Greg Baller.  The Smartr Stinger had many influences and inspirations behind the creative process which has led to the creation of something truly special.  Greg based his shaping process on past influences that included the Red and Yellow Santa Cruz Stingers, Ben Aipa’s Hawaiian Sting surfboard design, and Tom ‘Wally’ Inouye stinger shape from 1978.  The wide foot point forward of center and narrow tail has made agile, dreamy, surf-inspired slashes a reality.  We are very excited to release a new board alongside Greg Baller. 

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The brand new Vato Sat’ now come with custom wheel-wells that accommodate both the 15″ and 15.75″ wheelbases.  The Vato Sat is now available online and in-store at SoCal Skateshop.

Vato Sat Dimensions:

Width:  9.75″

Length:  32.5″

Wheelbases:  15″ or 15.75″

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