Greg Baller

Name & Hometown:  Greg Baller; I live in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Instagram:  @burlycaps

Local park:  My local park is Dartmouth Skatepark; Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.

Stance:  Goofy stance on most issues.  

When and where did you first begin skateboarding?  I first began skateboarding in Nepean, Ontario in 1975 at the age of 7.

What inspired you to start skateboarding?  My babysitters at the time in Nepean were two rad sisters, Kathy and Janet Rumball; they inspired me to start skateboarding.

What makes skateboarding special to you?  Skateboarding has maintained a sacred place in my life since I first sat on a steel wheeled piece of wood in the Rumball’s driveway. It has formed the basis of most of my decisions throughout my life and continues to guide me as I move on in this life. Skating puts me into the blissful state of not caring about 99% of the shit most other people seem to care about, while making me care 100% about the shit that is right in front of me while I skate. Skating has led me to be involved with my skate family in places all over the world. It keeps me on the page, doodling, scrawling, cutting, pasting, sharing, tearing, sending, and receiving bits of information daily. Skateboarding keeps me alive.

Favourite trick:  I like rolling. Smooth surfaces ideally, grinding lips, pool blocks, hands down on the walls and lips, low pivotal turns, carves, carve grinds, buzzing tiles, and slides of all kinds. Favourite trick? Layback grind #laybackaddiction.

Things that interest you outside of skateboarding:  Outside of skateboarding, things that interest me? Music! Art! The Universe! Tacos! I play guitars, surf, build things, make weird shit, explore, travel, cook, and pass on what I do with my boy.

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