Smartr Device is pleased to announce that our latest consumables (#eatskateboarding) are available in our online shop6 new shapes with 6 new graphics, manufactured by the legendary PS Stix (Professor Schmitt) out of Southern California/Mexico. 

These shapes are throw backs to classic designs with a modern feel. Double drilled front truck holes offer the rider two choices of wheel base. Traditionally the shorter wheel base would be used for street riding while the larger wheel base would be used for ramps and pools. It’s almost like getting two decks for the cost of one…kinda. 

The release of these decks is truly a highlight moment for Smartr Device.  The first boards I owned were made by Schmitt Stix over 30 years ago. I had a John Lucero that got ran over by a taxi in less than 60 days of ownership (devastating), followed up by a Jeff Grosso and then a Monty Nolder. I truly loved those decks and couldn’t be more stoked to offer you the latest Smartr Device decks produced by the iconic PS Stix. 

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