Curbs and Barriers / Troy Blackmore

“Curbs, barriers and a punk point….yep that’s rad. Three classics brought together to make one.”
Troy Blackmore

Troy Blackmore created the Curbs and Barriers graphic. I first met Troy working at a skateboard shop (Pro Skates) in Halifax NS in the mid 1980’s. He used to create these rad skateboard inspired comics that I remember always being impressed by. They were just like…real comics. If you ask Troy about his Pro Skate years he recalls playing a lot of crazy 8’s and eating donair platters with friends as some of his best ever memories. Many of his friends from skateboarding back then are still his friends today. Personally, I’m amazed that almost 25 years later we get to work together on skateboard related goodness.

Way back when, Troy attended the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design for a year-and-a-half before dropping out to go on a skateboard trip to The Turf skateboard park in Milwaukee Wisconsin. After being enlightened by skateboard travel he decided to make the move from the Atlantic to Pacific coast. He wound up in Vancouver BC working for John Raimondo at The Boarding House boardshop at the Richmond Skate Ranch where he considers himself lucky to witness the amazing skateboarding that happened during the last year of the Richmond Skate Ranch.

Being that the Ranch was owned by Ultimate Distribution who also put out Concrete Powder magazine it was a natural progression for Troy to land a job at Concrete Powder after a knee injury forced the realization that real life was approaching. Again, he considers himself lucky to be given an outlet to learn graphic design and to do art on a regular basis for close to 15 years in the skateboard universe. He also worked for Stepchild Snowboards and the Skate Canada Video magazine doing packaging, board art and other various designs.

These days Troy is a freelance designer, still skateboards and is stoked to continue his life long skateboard journey with his latest contribution – the Curbs and Barriers skateboard art.

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