Smartr Device Meat rider, Caleb Nicholls, recently made a trip out to the Okanagan to tear up local skate spots while on a filming/concert mission for a new video part for his shop sponsor; Shredz Skateshop.  Caleb’s most recent video part can be viewed here. Shredz Shop is located in Cochrane, AB and is locally owned by Sam Stuart.


Check out the photos and interview below:


Q:  So Caleb, how was it coming out to the Okanagan and getting to session West Kelowna and the new Summerland park?

–  The trip was super quick but so much fun.  Our first stop was to do some filming in Vernon at the Coldstream park before heading over to West Kelowna.  I wanted to get a few specific tricks checked off at Coldstream for my new video part.  It was a massive day of skateboarding; pretty exhausted by the end of it.  The new Summerland park was rad and I had a good time there but didn’t have lots of time to skate it as we had to get back to Kelowna for Judas Priest.

Q:  You finally got to skate the hidden gem of the backyard pool.  What was it like skating that thing?

–  The pool was so awesome.  That backyard pool was the third one that I have skated so far.  The very first pool that I skated was with Adam Hopkins in Vancouver and it was super janky and difficult to skate.  The second pool I skated was in Texas this past winter when I went down to skate with Aubrey Taylor.  When Dave and I got to the pool, the very first thing I did was tail drop into the deep end.  The transition was super steep and the compression felt harsh coming out of it.  The piece of wood that we had initially brought for rolling down the stairs was so small but we lucked out because there was a construction site nearby where we salvaged a longer piece of wood that covered the entire stair set.  Glad that we found that piece of wood because it made setting up for rolling into the deep perfect.  I took a chunk out of the bowl with my board trying to get a frontside truck bash in the deep.  It was crazy because with how much vert was in that pool, bailing out of tricks definitely took a toll on a guy.  Lane killed it with the filming and we got a few clips for the new video part in that pool.

Q:  Lane was with you on this trip and you two are working on a new video part.  How has filming for that new part been so far?

–  The filming has been so rad.  We have only spent two days filming together thus far but already have over a solid minute of a skate part.  Yeah, I think that I am going to have a full part for the new Shredz video.  The new Shredz video is looking like it will be dropping this winter. 

Q:  What plans do you have in store for this summer?

–  Right now I’m currently working for Pepsi doing night shifts and skating during the day.  My plan has been mainly working and trying to save money while skating as much as I can.  I will also be entering local contests throughout the summer but I primarily want to focus on the Canada Skateboard event series.  There are going to be two Canada Skateboard Central Open competitions in Calgary this August.

Q:  Finally, how was seeing Judas Priest live in concert?!

–  So so good!  It was better than I was expecting.  Exceeded my expectations because I wasn’t too sure if Halford could still get those high notes.  Definitely got the high notes and it was unreal.


Frontside Grind in a backyard gem.  This pool is no joke!

NBD Rock’n’Roll in this backyard pool.  Textbook footwork.

Teamwork makes the dream work.  Lane & Caleb.

Indy Gay Twist in the Deep!

An Inverted Caleb.

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